Women all over the world have their own specialized beauty routines. Women in Japan and women in Egypt have particular things they do to keep themselves looking beautiful and luminous. Here are a few of our favorite beauty tips from around the globe.


Australian women, for example, use yarrow extract to prevent stretch marks. It has hydrating and moisturizing components that help smooth skin. Not to mention, it’s also an anti-inflammatory, which helps calm your complexion.


In Chile, women are using red grapes as an antioxidant. By mashing up a handfull of grapes and adding a little flour, these ladies are creating a paste that can be applied for ten minutes. It helps give tired skin an energized glow.



The Egyptian ritual of milk baths is no secret. Cleopatra often used milk baths to help soften her skin and exfoliate. At home, you can do the same thing by adding two cups of powdered milk to a warm bath.

There are plenty more things you can do to take care of yourself. If you’re interested in getting a nose job in NYCcontact us today at (212) 380-3634.

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