As one of top facelift experts in NYC, Dr. Konstantin is sought by patients from all over the world looking for answers to their most essential beauty questions. Particularly, women and men seeking to undergo a life-changing procedure such as a facelift want the best recommendations for the best possible results. In this YouTube video, Dr. Konstantin answers one of the most popular facelift questions that can help to ensure you also can have the most outstanding outcome!

As Dr. Konstantin explains, a face and neck lift procedure is typically performed together. When patients first notice signs of aging such as sagging cheeks, they also start noticing the laxity in the neck area as well. For an overall rejuvenating effect, if the facial laxity is going to be tightened, the neck should follow. Having one procedure without the other can result in imbalanced unnatural appearance where the face looks younger than the neck or the other way around. Such an obvious difference between the face and neck does not happen naturally and may automatically signal to others that a “tightening procedure” or cosmetic surgery was done.

However, for patients asking if a neck lift can ever be done without a facelift, the answer is yes! Everyone ages differently and there are cases when the face can age quicker than the neck and vice versa – a common complaint for male patients for example. There is also an additional benefit for patients who undergo a neck lift without a facelift – discreet incision placement. A neck lift surgery usually entails making a small incision under the chin to remove the fat, tighten up the muscle, and then pulling the extra skin to the back and removing it by making incisions behind the ears. In this instance, the incision lines are easier to hide.

When considering a facelift, neck lift or both procedures, it is important to remember that every we all have unique facial structures that might land itself to aging quite differently. Therefore, each patient requires an individualized approach to achieve the best result and this is why we always recommend to consult only with highly trained facial plastic surgeons who specializes in facelifts and neck lifts. While a neck lift might be perfectly suitable for one patient, another patient may require a combined procedure to rejuvenate the face and ensure natural and un-operated look. Feel free to schedule a consultation with a top NYC facelift expert, Dr. Konstantin. He will be able to guide you through your toughest decisions, answer your questions and provide recommendations to help you look and feel your best!

You can watch the full video here: Can I Get A Neck Lift Without A Facelift?

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