Endoscopic assisted facelift is a new cosmetic procedure developed by Dr. Konstantin. This procedure utilizes most recent advances in endoscopic surgical technology and is designed to enhance the result of both traditional and minimally invasive facelift.

Endoscopic facelift overcomes limitations of conventional facelift techniques by allowing for superior visualization of the areas located far away from the incision sites. This new method takes advantage of recently developed wireless endoscopic camera. This camera is able to transmit real time images to the screen direct view of the surgeon thus providing a superior visualization of the surgical site.


The main advantage of endoscopic assisted facelift is that it allows the surgeon to minimize the length of the incisions without compromising the extent of the dissection and thus being able to maintain superior results. This method allows to utilize limited, minimally invasive facelift incisions with to achieve extensive facial rejuvenation that would typically require far more invasive facelift technique.


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