Many of us strive for the look of ultimate beauty–to rid our bodies of wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin; to plump our lips and tighten our faces while zapping away unwanted acne and pimples. But what about fixing our noses? Whether you’re born with a wide nose, a skinny nose, a crooked nose, or a nose with the same bump your dad has, there is always something that can be done–like tricks to learn to lessen the appearance of an out-of-place nose on your beautiful face.

Utilizing make-up is a great technique for improving the look of your face; but did you know it’s also got some great tricks for hiding things in plain sight, such as a wide nose? While the best method to achieving the look you’ve always wanted is to undergo rhinoplasty (otherwise known as a nose job), in the meantime, you can address the issues at hand with a little magic make-up trick or two.

Bumpy or Crooked Noses

Being born with a crooked nose, or even having broken your nose, can affect the look of your face as well as hinder your confidence. When applying make-up to a crooked nose, find a foundation that is one to two shades darker than what you use on the rest of your face. Very carefully apply the darker foundation over your regular foundation on either side of the nose and make sure the foundation is straight. Then blend into your cheeks.

Broad or Wide Noses

For a broader-shaped nose, again, you will need to get a darker foundation and blend it into your cheeks on either side of your nose. This time, however, if you have a lightly tinted highlighting powder, brush it on the bridge of your nose to the tip, which will help illuminate the tiniest part of your nose and take away from some of the broadness.

Noses With Some Length

If you’ve got a long nose, making it shorter requires less make-up than you may think. To achieve this look, simply apply a darker shade of foundation from the tip of your nose to underneath — between your nostrils. This will assist in making your nose appear shorter.

However, for the ultimate look in beauty, why not explore the options of a nose job? There’s no better place to attain this everlasting look of gorgeousness than in New York City. Learn more about nose jobs in NYC here or call us at (212) 380-3634.

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