Whether you’re 50 or 70, facial rejuvenation is an option for you.

So, you want to get a facelift. But… you’re 60. Or 70. Maybe even 80. Is there a way to get any face work done?

The truth of the matter is that cosmetic surgery knows no age. A person of any age can undergo plastic surgery safely and successfully, thanks to the wide array of techniques available. While the prime time to get your facelift is in your 50s, as long as you are healthy to go through surgery and anesthesia, a facial rejuvenation surgery is an option for you.

Facelifts: a technique for any age

While some time ago, a facelift could result in unnaturally taught skin and stretched features, modern techniques allow for consistently natural looking facial rejuvenation. Clearly, it’s not just young pop stars in their 20s who go under the knife; older icons like Dolly Parton and Kris Jenner are known for their beauty as well as their many rounds of cosmetic enhancements. The fear of unsuccessful procedures in older patients comes from the increased laxity of the skin; while it is true that with age, laxity increases it would not be a contraindication to the procedure.

The actual process of performing a facelift has changed greatly in recent time, allowing for newer methods and better results. Dr. Konstantin explains that the most important change made in these techniques over the years is the depth of tissue a surgeon works with. Facelifts today happen on or under the superficial musculo aponeurotic system (SMAS), which is the layer under the skin.

Rejuvenation through redraping

Another major difference between older and modern facelift techniques is the direction in which the tissue is redraped. The current method of redraping is to do so more vertically. To understand the impact of this difference for yourself, Dr. Konstantin recommends this quick, easy test to try at home in a mirror:

  • Put your fingers on the sides of your face and pull the skin gently upward and slightly back back.  This should result in significant improvement in the jawline, cheeks and neck.

Perhaps to disprove the notion that those over 60 shouldn’t get facial work done, some celebrities are very public about their cosmetic enhancementsa. Kris Jenner has documented her procedures on various episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Cher has spoken openly on talk shows about her multiple enhancements. Cosmetic surgery for those over 60 is certainly not as uncommon as it’s made out to be.

If you are considering surgical cosmetic enhancements, consult a well-practiced, board-certified plastic surgeon and rejuvenation expert like Doctor Konstantin to ensure that it is a smart option for you. For more on this topic, watch Dr. K’s video on avoiding the “pulled facelift look” here. To schedule a consultation with Manhattan’s favorite facelift expert, contact our office today.

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