The sludge on the streets has melted and we’ve turned our clocks forward. Finally, the weather is allowing us to leave the house without being dressed for the tundra. At this point, New York’s winter blues are behind us, and we’re welcoming spring with open arms. As we shed our coats and opt for sundresses, the city has a fresher, newer air to it. We feel great, so why not look as good as we feel?

March indeed came in like a lion and leaves like a lamb, and many people feel that the same can be done in terms of your own appearance. Find an NYC facial plastic surgery practice and arrive with your old face, and go out with a brand new one, thanks to a facelift. And even though getting a facelift is certainly not as simple as that, getting a new and rejuvenated face in the spring does not seem like a bad idea. If you’ve been reading this blog, by now you know that each season has its benefits for getting a facelift– fall gives plenty of time to heal before the holidays; covering up is the norm for everyone in winter; summer offers vacation time and lots of air conditioning. But spring has a unique combination of elements that makes it truly the prime time to have the cosmetic enhancement of your life.

Spring: the best season for a facelift

Patients who get facelifts during the spring get the benefit of beautifully rejuvenated faces for their summer vacations. Coming off of this brutal New York winter, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to fully enjoy your summertime. If you miss this perfect spring window of opportunity, you might end up spending your summer indoors healing from a facelift. Don’t miss the summer fun; rather than healing inside during the gorgeous summertime weather, patients who have facelifts in the spring can enjoy their new looks while spending time on the beach and at family barbecues.

Healing from your facelift in the spring

Just like any other facial plastic surgery, recovery from a facelift takes time and effort; it’s not a bad idea to have the elements on your side through the process. The calm temperatures of spring are warm enough that you won’t need to bundle up all the time, but still cool enough for you to wear a scarf if you choose to cover up during your healing. Wearing a hat and a light scarf is all you need to recover incognito, and it won’t seem out of place for the weather.

The one downside of getting a facelift in the spring is the limited number of holidays during the season that would allow you to extend your time off from work. If your vacation time is limited, getting a facelift might make it harder to take 1 or 2 weeks for recovery. Unlike the winter or summer, when vacations are common and expected, not many people traditionally take vacations during the spring.

We just might be taking our masks off this summer

This spring is especially important. With the coronavirus pandemic hopefully coming to an end, it is likely that more outdoor events will become commonplace during the spring and summer. Thanks to the steadily increasing rate of vaccinations, we may be nearing a time when mask-wearing is no longer necessary. You may be able to take your mask off, and when you do, you will look refreshed and rejuvenated.

Getting a facelift at any time of the year has its pros and cons, but according to Dr. Konstantin, this spring is the best time to have yours done. If you’re looking for a facial plastic surgeon in NYC, contact his Manhattan practice today. We can’t wait to see what spring will bring you!

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